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10 Excellent Reasons to Study English Abroad in Vancouver, Canada

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1. Vancouver Is One Of The World’s Best Cities To Study English Abroad

According to QS, a large global rankings index on the top universities for student living standards, Vancouver is a major city for students in international education wanting to learn English. In their “Best Student Cities for 2016” profile, they rate Vancouver as being in the top six in terms of students and overall desirability. If that weren’t enough to win your vote, The Economist placed Vancouver as 3rd overall in their 2015 Report on Global Liveability.

2. Choosing A City Committed To A Green And Sustainable Future

Want to be at the forefront of a revolution dedicated to sustainability and greener conditions for Vancouverites and the global environment post COP21? Vancouver’s 2020 Green City Initiative, sponsored by the Vancouver Municipal Government, is driven to reducing the amount of waste and emissions throughout the Lower Mainland while granting easier access to clean water, expansive greenspaces, and limiting overall carbon output in the city. The program aims to promote sustainable living throughout the city.

3. One Of The Safest And Most Secure City Destinations

When it comes to choosing where to study English abroad, safety should be high on the list of considerations before selecting a destination. According to the website Numbero, an online “global liveability directory”, Vancouver scores high in security and general well-being. The city has a diverse population and a zero tolerance policy on discrimination of any kind regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion. With its low rate of violent crimes, citizens of Vancouver are at ease when walking through virtually any area of the city regardless of time of day.

4. YVR, Our Beautiful Global Gateway

The moment you step off your plane at the Vancouver International Airport, you will realize that this airport is unlike any other in the world. Rated as the best airport in North America for the 7th year running by Skytrax World Airport Awards, YVR sits comfortably in 14th position overall in the world. You will be greeted by naturally lit surroundings, numerous water features, and stunning First Nations artwork.  With direct routes to multiple destinations throughout Asia and Europe, and sharing a minimal time difference between here and Latin America, international students of English are discovering the convenient location Vancouver has to offer.

5. The Value of the Canadian Dollar

Owing to a collapse in the prices of global oil, an event that caused a significant crash in Canada’s Albertan oil industry in 2014/15, our dollar has been losing value since that time. The result of this has been to give foreigners coming to Canada a major break in terms of converting their own currency to the Canadian dollar. This has become a huge consideration for international students looking at Vancouver for schools and universities alike. Students coming from abroad to study in Vancouver may at one time have thought it too expensive to enrol in programs. Today, however, those same individuals are finding the currency to be much more accessible as they can now get a lot more bang for their buck.

6. A Growing Hub Of Innovation In The Tech Industry

Interested in getting your foot in the door with the 2nd fastest growing sector in BC according to the Vancouver Economic Commission? Hungry to get a job or start a company in the same industry as 75% of Canada’s “Tech Unicorns” (A unicorn, also known as a narwhal in Canada, is a company valued at $1 billion or higher)? If that is the case, you might want to set your sights on Vancouver, developing both your English as well as entrepreneurial tech skills. The city is a hub for programmers as well as those with a passion for a career in IT. The province, and Vancouver in particular, is faced with an ever expanding gap in expertise and so are trying to attract talent from all over the world. By starting early at schools and universities, you will certainly have an advantage when it comes to jobs in the Vancouver tech industry.

7. A Golden Academic Opportunity

Our city has a rich history of education with facilities that have won recognition from around the globe. The University of British Columbia along with Simon Fraser University have expertise in a rich variety of fields and have been attracting international students for decades. UBC’s forestry program in conjunction with its tech labs and school of dentistry have made it a world leader in the training of experts within these fields. Additionally, SFU has an outstanding faculty dedicated to the sciences and one of the world’s leading criminology and forensics training programs. UBC, on the other hand, consistently ranks in the top universities in the world based on rankings provided by Times Higher Education 

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