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Schools in Vancouver

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This also includes schools in greater Vancouver (or the Metro Vancouver Area). For instance, there are top private schools in DeltaSurreyRichmondLangleyMaple RidgeWhite Rock, the Lower Mainland, and the Tri-Cities  (i.e., Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody).

In addition, as an important part of your research, you can meet Vancouver schools at private school expos, or schedule visits during their open houses. Our Kids has been hosting a school expo in Vancouver since 1999. It also has school expos in other locations in Canada, such as Toronto and Montreal.

Vancouver private schools typically have a good reputation for strong programs and academic performance. They usually do well in the Fraser Institute school rankings, including York House School repeatedly earning the top spot.

How to find the best private school in Vancouver

When you are looking for a private or independent school in Vancouver, find out whether the school is registered with the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Inquire about the reputation of the school, its principal or headmaster, and its teachers. Here are other simple tips to follow or questions to ask:

  • What does the school need to do to convince you that it is the right Vancouver-area private school for your child? In other words, when you speak to the school's staff and students' parents, know the criteria that must be met to show you that their school is the best choice for your child.
  • Meet with teachers at Vancouver schools to find out their philosophies and their commitment to children.
  • Consider whether the school has up-to-date facilities (e.g., sports, technology).
  • Attend the Vancouver Private School Expo, where you can meet leading local day schools and boarding schools from BC, across Canada, the US, and overseas. These include Montessorispecial needsWaldorfgiftedAPIB, and preschools.

Financial considerations

The British Columbia government funds more than 85 percent of its province's private schools (including private schools in Vancouver). In Canada's westernmost province, independent and private schools receive more than $150 million in funding per year. For a private school to receive one of these grants (which will lower your tuition costs), it must hire only certified teachers and meet the provincial curriculum.

British Columbia may also help you pay for private school through tax breaks. Two particular types of schools are noteworthy here. First, if you send your child to a faith-based school (such as ChristianCatholic, or Jewish), paying for its tuition may count as charitable donation for which you will receive a tax credit. Similarly, enrolling your child in a school for students with special needsmay allow you to claim medical tax benefits.

Private schools in British Columbia might also assist you in funding your child's education through scholarships and bursaries. Consult these tips on how to make private school affordable.

Meet with Vancouver's top ranked private schools and the best boarding schools across Canada at the Vancouver Private School Expo in November. This one-day event is a must for any parent or student considering an alternative education.

Click on the links below to learn more about any or each of the Vancouver private schools that we have listed.

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