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8 reasons why you will love to be an international student in Vancouver

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Since Vancouver is a big tech orbit in Canada, is not weird at all learn that the city is famous for high-standards’ education institutions in subject areas like digital media, technology, and engineering. However, Vancouver also offers a great variety of well-respected courses in communication, business, languages, arts, medicine, law, pharmaceutical sciences and other areas. Also worth to mention that the city offers different specializations for Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. levels in many areas. So, as a student, you will surely find the right course for you, in English or in French.


As we mentioned above, Vancouver is a big tech orbit in Canada. Therefore, is a land of opportunities for young recent-graduated workers that want to build a solid career in the tech sector. Specifically, software development, biotechnology, aerospace and video game development are a good bet if you want to study and stay as a Permanent Resident after graduation. Also, areas such as animation studios, television production, and film industry offer great opportunities in Vancouver since big companies of this sector are installed in the city.

And don’t forget that in Canada you can start working during your graduation in part-time jobs, inside and off campus. Not only to get some extra money and help to pay the living expenses, this is a chance to get the experience that will make a difference in your curriculum as a young professional.


Have you ever imagined crossing an entire city in a maximum of 45 minutes? This is Vancouver, small but a giant at the same time! The city is perfect for those who love to walk and discover the beauties of every neighborhood and every street. And there is a lot to explore! This amazing city located in the province of British Columbia offers nightclubs, theaters, music festivals and activities for all tastes. Some of the most popular attractions are the Vancouver Opera, Stanley Park and its aquarium, and the H. R. MacMillan Space Centre. There are also the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Nitobe Japanese Garden as must-sees in the city. As a student, you will never feel bored on your free time and will, for sure, enrich your cultural repertory.


Each neighborhood in Vancouver has a uniqueness. West End, for example, is the right place for restaurants and beaches – a great combination for those who want a fantastic meal accompanied by the beautiful view of the sea. Chinatown, home to the third largest Chinese community in North America, is a cultural district that brings Asian traditions mixed with the local culture.

Do you like shopping? So, Gastown is the neighborhood for you. It brings an atmosphere of the 1900’s while offers a great variety of articles, as well as incredible restaurants and night bars. The nightlife is also trendy in Yaletown, wherein old warehouses have been turned into bars and nightclubs.

The crazy amount of options will make your life hard while deciding in which neighborhood to live. But, don’t worry! Since the city is not that big and has a lot of international students in the same situation, you will quickly find your sweet spot.


In comparison to other big cities like Montreal and Toronto, Vancouver has relatively mild winters. During summer, the temperatures go to a maximum of 28 to 32°C. Which is a very good wheater to enjoy a sunny day outdoors. And while Summer is normally drier, you can expect more humidity in other seasons. Snowfalls come normally from November through March but not in huge amounts. So, if you are an international student coming from a tropical country, Vancouver might be one of the easiest cities in Canada to adapt to the winter.


Although Vancouver winter is not the coldest, it has fantastic ski stations! The city is surrounded by rocky areas and is easy to reach great mountains for practicing snow sports. One of the most famous mountains is the Cypress, where you can check one installation of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. You can also try other outdoor sports like mountain biking in the North Shore or golf inside the Queen Elizabeth Park. Or gather your friends around and go ice hocking. Or even watch the local ice hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks, playing.

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