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18 Best And Worst Things About Living In Vancouver

Author:MEhome 2019-04-06 1245

Before I begin, let me start by saying that Vancouver is pretty damn great. It's named one of the most liveable cities for a reason. From incredibly clean air to freaking AMAZING sushi, we're super lucky to even have the chance to live here. 

But as with every city, there are some things that suck about Vancouver. They may not be the absolute worst things in the world...but I know there are some things that can be pretty frustrating about living here. If you disagree, that's cool. But I know most of you will relate.

Disclaimer: Please don't take me seriously guys. If I offend you, please forget that I said anything...this is NOT meant to be serious. If anything, just laugh at how ridiculous I may sound. Okay? Okay! ????????

OKAY! Disclaimer out of the way, here are some of the 16 best and worst things about living in Raincity:

Best // Transit is actually not as bad as it's made out to be.

I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this one because transit can be shoddy on occasion. But tbh, if you live in the city, transit is not too shabby at all. (I can't speak for you if you live in Port Coquitlam or West Van though).

Worst // But traffic . is . a . nightmare .

Damn. Rush hour though. I know I'm not the only one when I say I genuinely try to avoid going anywhere during rush hour because you will literally be stuck on the same 100 metre stretch of road for at least 20 minutes.

Best // Vancouver is a coffee-loving caffeine-fuelled city.

1) We love coffee. 2) We love coffee shops. 3) We will go to any coffee shop in so long as it's cute and has plants. Coffee shops are EVERYWHERE in Vancouver. I'm guilty of drinking probably about three cups of coffee a day at multiple different coffee shop, and I love it.

Worst // Your coffee expenses also probably add up to like a million dollars a month.

Six dollars for a latte? Come on, Vancouver (I mean I'll probably still buy it though).


HALLELUJAH FOR VANCOUVER SUMMERS! ???????? Who doesn't love a good old Vancouver summer. Biking at Stanley Park, fireworks at English Bay, sunbathing on Kits beach, ahhhh the feels. The temperatures are just right and the sunny skies are too.

Worst // The other 9 miserably, rainy months of the year.

Unless you're a rain enthusiast, Vancouver can really suck when it's not summer. Between the wet, sweaty, smelly bus rides and getting dirty puddle splashed by raging drivers while innocently walking on the sidewalk, it's no wonder we all have seasonal affective disorder.

Best // We don't have to pay for the highway!

You might not know this, but in some countries you have to PAY for the highway! It's actually quite common. In Japan, every single exit you pass, you have to pay a toll. Sometimes even up to $20 per exit! THAT'S RIDICULOUS! Thank you Vancouver for not making us pay $100 just to get from North Van to Burnaby.

Worst // Biking lanes and Mobi bikes.

Again, I know I'm going to get hate for this, but honestly...how many people do you really see riding bikes or Mobi bikes around.Even if you say you're an avid biker, you probably only bike during the summer because it's not safe to drive in the pouring rain which is 9 months of the year by the way...but you already knew that. And can I just say....NOBODY USES MOBI BIKES! MOBI BIKES IS TAKING UP VALUABLE DOWNTOWN PARKING SPACE! Let's face it Vancouver, we will never be Copenhagen or Stockholm.

Best // The incredible #views though.

Need I say anymore?

Worst // Being judged if your IG doesn't have all these #views.

Okay, maybe it's just me, but Vancouver has a lot of Instagram mini-celebrities. If you're not caught up with the latest hot spot for hot IG posts...oh the judgement.

Best // Our GORGEOUS hikes!

The Chief, Quarry Rock, Buntzen Lake, Grouse Mountain, Joffre Lakes, I could go on and on. Thank you Vancouver, and thank you mother nature for the most beautiful hikes and nature paths any West Coast dweller could ever ask for.

Worst // Feeling obliged to hike...even when you hate hiking.

Let's be honest, for all of us who love the views but hate hiking...it's hard for us! But anything for the gram. Lol.

Best // Our sushi is freaking out of this world.

If you go to Japan, the Japanese will tell you that Vancouver has some of the best sushi ever. Why? Because of our side of the Pacific Ocean! We have some of the freshest seafood in the world...so eat as many meals of Sushi Town while you can.

Worst // We have like zero Mexican food.

I mean reaaaallll Mexican food guys, not just that taco ish. Okay, I guess there are worser things in life, but it'd be nice if we had some real authentic Mexican food.

Best // Vancouver is super easy to drive around.

The roads are easy to understand, they aren't a complicated labyrinth, and Highway 1 is probably one of the greatest achievements of Canadians.

Worst // Parking. Period.

Twelve dollars an hour for parking on Coal Harbour. NO THANKS! 

Best // We have the coolest bars ever.

Vancouver has got some pretty sick bars - ping pong bars, boardgame bars, tiki room bars...everything! And the crowd is also super easy going and easy to chat up with.

Worst // But our clubbing scene sucks.

Ninety percent of all Vancouver clubs are downtown Vancouver,meaning if you want go out near your neighbourhood, probably can't. Our night clubs also close pretty early, so if you wanna keep partying until 5AM...again, you can't.

But I guess it's not that bad. Like they say, nothing good happens after 2AM.

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