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20 Reasons To Live In Vancouver In Your 20s

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The West is best, and to ensure you don’t miss out, here's a list of the top reasons you should live in Vancouver in your 20’s.


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1. Amazing Public Transport

With public buses, the Sky Train, Aqua Buses and the Sea Bus, Vancouver makes it super convenient to travel around the city without a car, putting some extra money in your pocket for the more important things in life, like pizza. The easily accessible bike lanes and paths also make getting around Vancouver super affordable and environmentally friendly! Forget buying a car, save your monies.


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2. So Many Beaches - So Little Time

With nine beaches (yes, you read that right), Vancouver has prime real-estate by the ocean when it comes to the summer months. Sunbathing, swimming, sports and picnics are all at your disposal for free on a daily basis when you live in this beautiful city.


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3. The City Is Full Of People Your Age

As Zac Efron once sang "We're all in this together!" The University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and Capilano University all have campuses in Vancouver, which means the city is full of students and recent grads. This makes it easy to make connections and expand your social circle.


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4. Vancouver Is One Of The Top Cities In The World

If you don’t believe us trust the experts. In 2016 Vancouver was ranked fifth in the world by Mercer’s list of top cities to live in internationally based on quality of living.

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5. You Can Join the Chill Wave

If Mary Jane is your girl, let’s be real, weed has always been basically legal here. Before Justin made it hip, Vancouver was blazing the trail for legalizing cannabis in Canada. With medical dispensaries, cannabis cafes and a ceebs attitude when it comes to smoking in public Vancouver’s your bud.


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6. You Can Become A Sushi Connoisseur

With the ocean on our doorstep how could you go wrong? As the self proclaimed sushi capital of Canada, Vancouver boasts fresh delicious sushi with restaurants all over the city. Accessible to budgets big or small, the city is a sushi paradise.


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7. You Can Feed Your Inner Sporty Spice

Home to Winter Olympics in 2010 and more recently the host of the World Rugby Sevens, Vancouver has a reputation for being an athletic city. With the Canucks, BC Lions and Whitecaps there’s always an opportunity to cheer for your home team. (Adidas track pants not required)


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8. The Great Outdoors

A hub for outdoor adventure year round, Vancouver is the perfect place to live when you’re young and can take full advantage of everything the great outdoors has to offer. Hiking, biking, swimming and even camping, you can do it all and even though Vancouver can be an expensive place to live in, going for a hike is thankfully trendy and free!


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9. Be Yourself And Be Accepted

Taking it back to elementary school history class, Canada is a mosaic not a melting pot and Vancouver is a shining example of that. With a population comprised of different religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and cultural groups, Vancouver fully embraces you whoever you are.


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10. You Don't Need Money To Have A Good Time

Yes, I admit that Vancouver can seem like a pretty expensive place but at the same time there are amazing events all over the city that you can take part in while you leave your wallet at home (just don’t forget your compass card). Just a few to check out this summer include free movies in Stanley Park, the Canada Day fireworks celebration, and the annual Pride Parade.


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11. The Perfect Mix Of Urban And Nature

Whether you’re a true mountain man (or woman) at heart or you prefer to observe nature via Netflixs nature documentaries, Vancouver’s got you covered. You can enjoy the urban downtown lifestyle while still being surrounded by nature; it’s the best of both worlds!


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12. You Can Become The Ultimate Weekend Warrior

Your 20's are a time when you're working hard but you also have a lot less commitment than you do later in life, and Vancouver allows you to take full advantage of this free time. Surrounded by amazing cities and right by the American border (I’m looking at you Portland) you never have to travel far for an adventure.


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13. Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Vancouver is a city passionate about health and feeling good in your body. With local farmer’s markets, organic earth to table restaurants, and more fitness classes than you can count, healthy options are always easy to make! Vancouver is known for its young population being active, healthy, and attractive (it's true I swear).


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14. Shop Till You Drop

With mecca shopping malls like the Pacific Centre and the surrounding downtown shopping districts it's hard not to spend all your hard earned cash. Outside the downtown core, areas like Main Street and 4th Avenue in Kitsilano offer local alternatives to the downtown brand names.


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15. Get Your Groove On

The hills are alive with the sound of music regardless of your tune in Vancouver. Being the third largest city in Canada, Vancouver attracts artist from around the globe and with amazing music festivals and a dynamic local music scene you never miss your favourite artist.

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16. Coffee

With a local, highly caffeinated coffee culture you'll always have the perfect spot to work, socialize and grab a delicious cup of coffee. Vancouver prides itself in its elevated coffee culture and is guaranteed to keep you buzzing. You'll never be depresso (that feeling you get when you run out of coffee)


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17. Work Hard, Play Hard... And Chill

Even though it’s expensive in Vancouver and you have to work hard to make rent, young Vancouverites still know how to live by relaxing with some drinks on the patio and wild nights at bars in Gastown or along Main Street. Whatever you're scene is, you're sure to find your niche and a drink in your hand.


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18. You Won't Be Frigid From November To April

It's all about looking good and why let winter smother your style. With the temperature sitting at an average seven degrees in the winter, rarely dropping below zero, Vancouver never gets too cold. For those who do crave the snow the surrounding mountains and Whistler are only a short drive away.


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19. You'll Brew So Hard

Vancouver's micro breweries are making a major impact when it comes to craft beer. With the craft culture steadily growing and new independent breweries popping up everywhere Vancouver has amazing beer, but you've probably never heard of it. Come join us in the pursuit of happiness.


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20. You Can Make Your Mark

Vancouver is a city that embraces the new ideas of  fresh up and comers and there are always new business ventures taking roots in the city. With an appetite for originality and the next new trend there is the opportunity for young entrepreneurs to make their mark in the city.

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