The procedures to buy a house in cash

It takes about two weeks to a month to buy a house in cash. If you don't have a bank account in the US, you can send your cash to Escrow Account supervised by the notary bank before the title transfer
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Summary of common problems in buying houses in the United States

Can a foreigner without a green card purchase a property in the United States? The United States is a relatively mature market economy and welcomes foreign investors. At the same time, the law is
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Strategies for investment in the US real estate: Do not ignore the inspection report and insurance

The US economy has gradually recovered, and the real estate market has entered an active period in recent months. According to public data in the United States, the prices of single-family and multi-f
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Procedures for buying a house with loan

There are several steps to follow when you buy a house with a loan.
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US real estate features

After more than two hundred years of development, the US real estate market has formed a sound market system, legal system and regulatory system. Studying the US real estate industry allows us to gain
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How much does it cost to raise a house in the US?

There are a lot of Chinese people who misunderstand that the cost of raising a house in the United States is very high, because they are constantly getting different opinions in newspapers or magazine
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