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Treehouses, yurts, private islands: Demand for ‘unique’ short-term rentals is spiking

Searches for certain types of unique homes have exploded by more than 1,000 percent compared to just two years ago, according to Airbnb.
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 94

Mortgage App Volume Takes a Dive

Both purchase apps and refinances showed declines this week, as first-time homebuyers are being “squeezed” out of the market as a result of short supply and high prices. The post Mortgage App Vol...
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 9

How lenders can build valuable referral relationships with real estate agents

The ideal real estate agent-lender relationship is symbiotic: the agent earns trust with their borrowers by connecting them with a great lending resource, while the lender receives a steady stream of
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 8

Rocket-owned Nexsys is automating homeowners insurance verification

4 of nation's top 10 providers of homeowners insurance now integrated with real-time verification platform Clear HOI.
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 11

When they bite: Dog-related injuries are up by 300%. Does home insurance help?

One of my irrational fears growing up was of dogs. Small dogs, big dogs it didn’t really matter – I always thought they would try to chase me or bite me. Now many years later I ... Read More
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 9

Why Asian American Homeownership Is Lagging Behind

Job losses during the COVID-19 pandemic and an alarming surge in hate crimes and discrimination have taken a toll on Asian American homebuyers. The post Why Asian American Homeownership Is Lagging Beh
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 9

Mortgage Rates Trickle Lower Yet Again

Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates fell again today--now officially below the lowest levels in the past 2 weeks. In order to accomplish that, rates had to fully erase the damage done exactly
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 9

MBS RECAP: Failed Breakout Puts More Emphasis on End-of-Week Events

Posted To: MBS CommentaryFailed Breakout Puts More Emphasis on End-of-Week Events Notice that the headline didn't invoke "the jobs report" for the 17th time this week. The fact that we've be
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 8

New American Funding to expand nationwide

New American Funding is increasing its national footprint to include the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and Mid-Atlantic. The post New American Funding to expand nationwide appeared first o
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 9

Pending Home Sales Rise 8% in May

A new survey has found that while supply remains an issue, the housing market is attracting buyers due to mortgage rates, which continue in the 3% range. The post Pending Home Sales Rise 8% in May ap
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 7
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