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Truework says Encompass integration can speed mortgage approvals

Nearly half of all U.S. mortgages are originated using Encompass, and Truework's employment and income data network provides instant verification for more than 35 million employees.
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 12

Here’s Why Trend-Setting Induction Technology Is Worth Considering For Your Home

Pro-style gas ranges have been the top choice of serious home chefs for decades, and for millions of other homeowners who learned how to cook over a flame, but that is slowly changing.
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 15

Obstacles Not Deterring Homebuyers

Bidding wars and record high price tags did not slow pending home sales over the past month, as record-low mortgage rates are still luring buyers into the market. The post Obstacles Not Deterring Hom
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 13

Unexpected Maintenance Expenses to Fit Into Your Budget

No matter how careful of a homeowner you are, you'll eventually have unexpected maintenance issues pop up around your house. While some of these may allow time for you to save up to repair them, some
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 13

Former Hospital in California Looking for a Buyer With Resuscitation Skills

An abandoned hospital in a tiny Northern California town is on life support. A buyer will need much more than a scalpel to bring it back to life. The post Former Hospital in California Looking for a B
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 14

Five-Star Online Reviews Are Key to Landlording Success—Here’s How to Win Them

Online reviews are a crucial part of building a solid reputation as a landlord. It’s vital to actively encourage happy tenants to leave reviews on your Google profile, Facebook, or other online revi..
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 14

Homeownership Within the Asian American, Pacific Islander Population

Even with evidence of greater income than the general population, a "surprisingly low" percentage of the AAPI community own houses, researchers say. The post Homeownership Within the Asian
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 14

Asian American homeownership is still lagging: Report

Asian American homeownership rates lag in numerous major cities including New York, Los Angeles and Boston.
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 14

Why Work With A REALTOR?

All REALTORS are real estate agents, but not all real estate agents are REALTORS. What are the benefits of using one to buy or sell? The post Why Work With A REALTOR? appeared first on RealtyBizNews:
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 12

Fires threaten nearly 40% of all Utah homes

A stunning two out of every five homes in Utah face high fire risk — that's more than 400,000 current properties, according to Redfin. The post Fires threaten nearly 40% of all Utah homes appeared ..
Author:mehomeAI 2021-06-30 13
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